Projects with high impact in public sector digitalization

To advance in the digital transformation of the General State Administration, improvements will also be made in the supply of services in strategic areas of the Administration, also known as "tractors" due to their capability to drive the digitalization of administrations and society in general, completing the digitalization process initiated within the framework of Digital Spain 2025 and extending this process to new areas, such as Social Services and the Tax Agency.

Essentially, efforts will focus on the digital transformation of the following public services:

  • Digital transformation of the Administration of Justice
  • Digital Transformation of Public Employment Services
  • Digital transformation in the field of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration
  • Consular digitization plan
  • Digital transformation of social services
  • Digital transformation of the Administration of Justice
  • Boosting other tractor projects
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Facilitate the digital transformation of central services of the General State Administration.
Simplify the relationship between citizens and public administrations and personalize digital public services.
Upgrade the technological infrastructures of public administrations and integrate them into the digital transformation of the public sector.


This initiative is aimed at the digital transformation of the Justice Administration, both by modifying its internal functioning and its interaction with citizens and companies, based on the Justice 2030 Plan, in which projects aimed at this modernization are being developed.


The Digital Transformation of Public Employment Services is aimed both at improving the services provided to citizens and companies in the field of employment and at modernizing the systems of benefits and intermediation and guidance in their digital transformation process from a holistic perspective.


The aim of this digital transformation is to improve the services offered to citizens by the Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration, mainly seeking to modernize them, while also making progress in the automation and improvement of the systems that provide internal support.

Transformacion_inclusión_SSy migraciones

The Consular Digitization Plan is aimed at making the environment and the services offered digitally by the Public Administration more accessible to foreign citizens and Spaniards living abroad.


The Digital Transformation of Social Services program contains measures to harness the transformative potential of digitalization in the provision of quality social services through the incorporation of new technologies applied to care and residential protection, seeking to modernize all these services.


This program envisages initiatives for the evolution of the Tax Agency's IT management and taxpayer assistance, focusing on continuous improvement in the modernization of IT management and taxpayer assistance, taking advantage of the high degree of digital maturity from which it starts. 


This initiative will allow the deployment of relevant actions in other strategic areas of the General State Administration not included in the rest of the actions of this measure, mainly focused on the areas of security, agriculture, consumption, and care taking.

Responsible entity
Ministerio de Asuntos Económicos y Transformación Digital

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