Modernization of the financial architecture to support digital entrepreneurship

The difficulty of accessing finance for entrepreneurship is one of the main challenges that needs to be addressed to boost the competitiveness of the Spanish economy and promote growth and employment.

The deterioration in the financial situation of SMEs and start-ups as a result of the pandemic makes it urgent to boost public financing instruments that facilitate innovative entrepreneurship and business growth.

Support for digital entrepreneurship must also aim to reduce the large gaps that exist in this area, both in terms of gender and territorially.

  • To foster the development of high-impact innovative digital projects and investment in scale-ups, up to €4billion in public-private investment will be allocated through the Next-Tech fund. In addition, the Reciprocal Guarantee System will be strengthened so that the granting of guarantees to SMEs and the self-employed with innovative digitization projects is positively discriminated against.
  • To reduce the gender digital divide in the field of technology and entrepreneurship, the ENISA Digital Entrepreneurs line will continue to be developed, aimed at supporting and promoting women's digital entrepreneurship projects.
Emprendedora digital
Mujeres empresarias trabajando en ordenador portátil en oficina creativa


Promote public funding instruments that facilitate innovative entrepreneurship and business growth.
Reduce the gender digital gap in the field of technology and entrepreneurship.
Strengthen the private capital sector in Spain for start-ups.
Boost public-private investment in digital entrepreneurship.


The ENISA Emprendedoras Digitales funding line aims to support and promote, through funding, women's digital entrepreneurship projects, reducing the existing gender gap in this area.

ENISA Emprendedoras Digitales

El Fondo Next Tech busca fomentar el desarrollo de proyectos digitales innovadores de alto impacto y la inversión en empresas en crecimiento (scale-ups) mediante el refuerzo de los instrumentos públicos de financiación, la atracción de fondos internacionales y la potenciación del sector de capital riesgo.

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