Consular Digitization Plan

Consular Digitization aims to facilitate and enhance access to the digital services of the Spanish Public Administration for Spaniards living abroad, as well as for foreign citizens and especially for those from the rest of the European Union Member States.

The main action will be the deployment of this new electronic office, which will cover around 70 procedures, available to Spanish citizens abroad through the identification and e-signature systems. The new consular e-Office will be supported by various tools that make up the Consular Ecosystem:

  • Citizen-oriented tools: Appointment and Appointment Management system.
  • Improvement in the quality of data and information presented on the Ministry's portals.
  • Applications aimed at improving the processing and management of applications.
  • Electronic pouch systems that will allow closer control of pouch shipments and the exchange of electronic documentation.
  • Automation of election process management system communications.
  • Integrated backend tool that facilitates the entire management, providing the manager with a single view of the citizen's consular file.


Facilitate access to digital services for Spaniards living abroad and foreign citizens in Spain.
Deploy a new electronic office for telematic access to services.

Responsible entity

Ministerio para la Transformación Digital y de la Función Pública