UNICO Advanced 5G & 6G R&D

6G is the sixth generation of wireless technology. While thanks to 5G, data transmission speeds increased to 1,100 Mbps, 6G is expected to be up to 100 times faster. Thus, Advanced 5G maintains the speed of 5G, but implements improvements such as transparent pass-through between user antennas even at high speeds, the possibility of using free bands for communication between terminals, and reduced battery consumption.

The UNICO R&D 5G Advanced and 6G Program has funded and will fund public research foundations, Spanish public universities and private organizations for the development of research and innovation projects. It will support the creation of a "5G+6G R&D&I ecosystem" that attracts investment, fostering the emergence of start-ups and innovative research and certification companies that will develop in-depth security assessments, audits, testing of commercial and experimental solutions and products about 5G services and equipment. This is closely linked to the creation of stable and high-quality employment throughout the country, fostered by annual calls for grants for R&D programs, scholarships, research, etc. It is estimated that for every 10 million invested, 50 projects or companies will be returned.

This program will bring about a significant improvement in energy efficiency and decarbonization in the long term, as well as fostering public-private collaboration to favor the creation of a research ecosystem and attract foreign talent. These ecosystems will foster innovation and entrepreneurship around products and services directly linked to 5G and 6G. The result will be the establishment of a solid and energy-efficient industrial base in Spain.

The European Commission adopted the proposed Regulation establishing the Joint Undertaking on Smart Networks and Services (JU SNS). This proposal is aligned with those above and is one of the pillars of the coordination of 5G/6G R&D&I activities. It is also within the framework of Horizon Europe, the European Union's main funding program for research and innovation.

The goal of this initiative is to enable European players to develop R&D&I capabilities for 6G technologies as the basis for future digital services between now and 2030.

Antena 5G


Achieve digital sovereignty for Europe.
Support at least 200 R&D&I projects to develop the ecosystem of 5G and 6G technologies.
Position Spain as a center of excellence in 5G and 6G R&D.


El programa Universalización de Infraestructuras Digitales para la Cohesión (UNICO) I+D 6G busca crear un ecosistema de investigación e innovación en España en torno a las tecnologías 5G avanzado y 6G. Asimismo, tiene como objetivo fortalecer el tejido empresarial, impulsar el emprendimiento y la aparición de startups, la generación de empleo y garantizar la aplicación del principio de igualdad real y efectiva entre mujeres y hombres en la I+D+i.

Responsible entity
Ministerio para la Transformación Digital y de la Función Pública

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