Attracting national and international talent

The National Artificial Intelligence Strategy aims to consolidate Spain as a leading country in attracting the talent of experts in artificial intelligence and the creation of R&D centers for international companies.

To achieve this goal, actions must be put in place to boost digital skills in AI, attract international talent and retain national talent.

In recent years, Spain has been recognized as one of the leading countries in attracting talent, with two cities in the top 10 in Europe for establishing start-ups: Madrid and Barcelona. There are currently talent attraction projects in a state of development in Aragon, Valencia, Malaga, Granada, Bilbao and A Coruña and other parts of the country that have developed notable innovation capacities, and which are attractive for investment by both national and foreign companies due to better quality of life conditions and lower economic costs.

Two initiatives will be launched as part of this measure:

  • "SpAIn Talent" Hub to attract both academic and professional talent, paying special attention to attracting foreign investment and social impact investment, promoting the incorporation of female entrepreneurs and female talent.
  • AI Chairs.  Organization and holding of seminars related to artificial intelligence, research work and training activities.
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Attracting and retaining talent in the field of artificial intelligence in Spain.
To be a reference to provide information on scholarships, job offers, investment opportunities in Spain and collaboration possibilities.


This program aims to create an information point to attract and retain talent in the field of artificial intelligence, SpAIn Talent Hub. It will also create a meeting place for researchers, Spanish and foreign companies. It will also be a reference point for information on grants, job offers, investment opportunities in Spain, collaboration possibilities, as well as other initiatives that contribute to the attraction of Spanish talent abroad.

SpAIn Talent Hub.

El programa Cátedras de Inteligencia Artificial tiene como objetivo la creación de un conjunto de cátedras adscritas a universidades, y en colaboración con empresas, para desarrollar la IA en distintos campos de aplicación. Busca promover la investigación, formación, divulgación y colaboración público-privada en IA, fortaleciendo la oferta de estudios superiores, la transferencia de resultados de investigación al tejido productivo y la generación de profesionales altamente cualificados.

Cátedras de Inteligencia Artificial
Responsible entity
Ministerio para la Transformación Digital y de la Función Pública

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