UniDigital Plan

The UniDigital Plan, developed mainly by the Ministry of Universities, has a total budget of 142.85 million euros, to achieve the digitalization of the university system.

Through this Plan, the aim is to:

  • To have adequate technical, material, and human resources to modernize the Spanish university system, significantly improving the relationship between the digital world and the academic environment.
  • Stimulate innovation and digital transformation from the university, enabling universities to become central players in the digital transformation processes that are taking place in our societies.
  • To develop strategic projects in the field of educational innovation, launching a selected set of strategic projects  in the field of digital training that function as prototypes, and that operate at inter-university levels.

To this end, the Plan is divided into several lines of action, comprising ICT infrastructure and services projects, software development projects, support measures, aid and incentives for digitalization and teaching, and a fourth block of strategic and coordination measures.



Improve the quality of university education through digitalization.
Make universities central players in the digital transformation process.
Reduce the digital divide in the university environment.

Responsible entity

Ministerio de Universidades