Digital transformation of the Tax Agency and strengthening of taxpayer assistance

The Tax Agency is one of the State bodies that relies most heavily on the intensive use of information technologies. Despite already having a high degree of digital maturity, there are still areas for improvement in the modernization of IT management and taxpayer assistance. For this reason, several projects will be carried out for the digital transformation of the Tax Agency, including:

  • Optimization and rationalization of the technological resources of the Tax Agency, Economic-Administrative Courts and the Directorate General for Taxation, through the shared use of common digital platforms.
  • Use of high technology as a pillar of the management of administrative buildings, thus ensuring that the buildings in which services are provided meet the highest standards in terms of quality, energy efficiency and environmental sustainability.
  • Implementation of a new integral assistance model in the Tax Agency through the Integral Digital Assistance Administrations (ADI) as platforms aimed at providing information and assistance services by electronic means through the use of non-face-to-face communication channels.

The IDAs will provide information services and assistance services mainly related to VAT and personal income tax returns.



Improve taxpayer assistance by implementing a new comprehensive assistance model.
Promote the IT modernization of tax management.

Responsible entity

Ministerio para la Transformación Digital y de la Función Pública