Boosting other tractor projects

In addition to the six high-impact projects, work will be carried out on digital transformation in other relevant areas such as security, agriculture, consumption, and care taking. To this end, the following points will be implemented.

Security: the aim is to strengthen the capabilities of public bodies in the supply of their services, specifically the National Intelligence Centre (CNI) by incorporating new information analysis capabilities and the incorporation of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence into working procedures. Some of the actions in the field of security are:

  • Deployment and enhancement of networks.
  • Upgrading of communications infrastructures.
  • Development of digital public services.
  • Improving information systems.

In addition, progress will be made in defining a new identity and identification model that facilitates the usability of identification and digital signature systems for citizens. Within this framework, the DNI solution will evolve, among others, through the development of an app for the DNIe on mobile phones.

Agriculture: actions will be deployed to increase the competitiveness of the sector through systems that allow the deployment of digital public services, mainly linked to the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), as well as the automation of internal management.

Consumer Affairs: the Ministry's public services available on its website will be improved and promoted to increase their use by consumers. This includes measures aimed at the digitization of consumer and consumer protection and gambling information systems. Finally, the instruments for analyzing products that pose a risk to consumers will be modernized, anticipating, and speeding up their withdrawal from the market.

Care taking: interoperability in the field of care will be facilitated, as well as technological components and best practices to harmonize the provision of social services.



Strengthen the capacities of public security agencies in the provision of their services.
Increase the competitiveness of the agricultural sector by deploying digital public services linked primarily to the Common Agricultural Policy.
Improve and promote the use of the Ministry of Consumer Affairs' public services available on its website.
Harmonize the provision of care-related social services.

Responsible entity

Ministerio para la Transformación Digital y de la Función Pública