UNICO Data – 112 public alert system

Technological advances show that traditional instruments such as sirens, radio and TV are deficient for alerting the population. The mobile phone, given its widespread use, becomes the most appropriate channel for the transmission of emergency alerts with relevant information such as the type of alert, duration, measures to be adopted, authority issuing the alert, etc.

This measure will enable a new public warning system in case of major disasters or imminent emergencies, Public Warning System (PWS), which will be integrated as part of the National Alert Network (RAN, derived from its initials in Spanish) of Civil Protection and will be called RAN-PWS. This type of system is stipulated by European Directive 1972/2018, which establishes the need for countries to have a warning system with its own characteristics. This system will allow Civil Protection authorities to send generalized and immediate alert messages to mobile phones in geographical areas that may be affected by imminent emergencies or major disasters. In addition, emergency services contacted through 112 will be able to geolocate calls to provide a precise location of the person affected.

This technology will reach any part of the Spanish territory, with full mobile phone coverage, whether 2G, 3G, 4G or 5G, allowing the authorities to offer a rapid and effective response to particularly serious situations.

The entity in charge of issuing public alerts will be set up by Ministerial Order and will be attached to the Ministry of the Interior. It will be responsible for issuing the necessary instructions to ensure that the alerts are transmitted to the end-users concerned. Communication will be maintained during all phases of the incident so that users have relevant and up-to-date information on the situation at all times.

The possibility of introducing alert systems through other means of electronic communication or by means of mobile applications, at national or regional level, is also envisaged. Such systems may be used for specific groups, areas or emergencies.



To ensure that the highest levels of access, integrity, and continuity of emergency communications are maintained.
To ensure that networks and facilities affected by this standard can successfully carry emergency communications to the 112 emergency alert system.
Provide the most accurate location information available for emergency communications to the 112 emergency alert system.
Responsible entity
Ministerio de Asuntos Económicos y Transformación Digital

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