Strengthening of cybersecurity for citizens, SMEs, and professionals

To strengthen cybersecurity capabilities and the digital confidence of citizens and businesses, it is necessary to implement a culture of cybersecurity.

Within the framework of this measure, an investment of 98 million euros is envisaged until 2023, which will develop information, awareness, and training mechanisms in cybersecurity, expanding the services already available for citizens, SMEs and professionals. It will also collaborate with public and private actors, both nationally and internationally, to foster the appropriate ecosystems and channels for cooperation and joint defense against common threats, with the aim of improving digital capabilities.

All these actions will be developed through INCIBE's channels for different audiences such as Protect your Company, the Internet Security Office (OSI) and Safe Intenet For Kids (IS4K), within the framework of the CONFÍA Program, around 4 axes:

  • Awareness and communication actions.
  • Cybersecurity training for citizens, minors, and companies.
  • Cooperation and coordination with bilateral and multilateral agreements for the consolidation of a culture of cybersecurity.
  • Development and promotion of specific technological solutions for minors, citizens, and companies.

As a complement to these actions, the coordinated response services and actions of the Cybersecurity Helpline will be strengthened, increasing its capacity to 20,000 queries per month, and of the incident response mechanisms through CERTs and CSIRTs (Computer Emergency Response Teams).


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To create a culture of cybersecurity that increases the digital confidence and responsiveness of citizens and businesses.
Support companies and professionals in the identification of risks and the adoption of mitigation tools.
Promote the adoption of protection measures in cyberspace.


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