Smart operations and data governance

This measure encompasses the intelligent automation of processes and the development of data-driven public services. To this end, progress must be made in the quality, quantity and efficiency of the services and processes of processing and management of administrations at all levels, by means of intelligent automation technologies (data analytics, artificial intelligence, Robotic Process Automation, and Intelligent Business Process Modelling).

To this end, a transversal infrastructure will be set up to facilitate the automation of administrative actions of different public bodies while fostering synergies, as well as the creation of a service to develop reusable automations with a high impact on the previous platform.

In addition, specific initiatives will be launched, such as the implementation of tools to digitalize the processing flow of public procurement files or eProcurement, or the automation of the management of aid and subsidies through a specific solution that automates the process of ranking and awarding them.

This is in addition to the development of a secure model of transparent information management to facilitate the development of high value-added digital services for citizens, the exchange of agile information between companies and the Administration, the development of new business models by companies or the definition and evaluation of public policies.

All this will contribute to the development of the data economy and artificial intelligence in Spain, applying innovation and experimentation in the use of data in the Administration, promoting and facilitating the creation of data repositories. These will facilitate the creation of new value-added services based on data in both public and potentially private sectors.



To achieve the modernization of the General State Administration by developing the data economy and artificial intelligence.
Create a service to develop reusable automations.
Facilitating the development of high added-value digital services for citizens, information exchange and public policy evaluation.
Responsible entity
Ministerio para la Transformación Digital y de la Función Pública

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