Promotion of technological humanism

Technological humanism poses several objectives for Spanish society. These include eliminating the digital divide, for which it is necessary to offer the possibility of training in new technologies to society as a whole, guaranteeing user privacy, ensuring the privacy of their data through strict regulatory frameworks and deepening cybersecurity, ensuring the ethical use and design of new technologies, understanding the potential socioeconomic impact of the use of technologies such as artificial intelligence and designing recommendations for their correct use and development Finally, guaranteeing that the technological solutions put at the service of citizens are environmentally sustainable.

Spain has been at the forefront of Europe in the creation of spaces for debate and research on the implications of the impact of technology on the lives of citizens and the future of the country, and it is now necessary to start raising awareness of the need to promote technological humanism in all layers of society, as well as in its business fabric.

To this end, the Digital Future Society (DFS) project has been launched to connect research, knowledge exchange and support aimed at the complex ethical, legal and inclusion challenges arising from the design, use and governance of digital technologies.

In addition, Spain participates in international governance initiatives and forums such as the "Roadmap for digital cooperation and implementation of the recommendations of the United Nations High Level Panel on Digital Cooperation" or the "Contract for the Web" of the W3C Foundation.

Now, the lines of cooperation, research, debate and generation of knowledge of the National Observatory of Technology and Society will be deepened, giving an additional impulse to the creation of joint observatories with other agents in matters related to Technological Humanism and consolidating the new lines of specific publications on technology and society initiated in the last year, widening the scope of its studies to offer reliable and quality information on the relations between technology, society and economy interesting for Spanish society.

In addition, educational and dissemination actions will be carried out to raise awareness and promote technological humanism and digital culture through the Global Communication Plan for the Promotion of Technological Humanism.

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Generate spaces for debate and reflection on the present and future of technological humanism in Spain.
Increase shared knowledge, dissemination, and awareness of technological humanism.
Participate in international debates on this challenge.
Promote digital culture and put it at the service of all citizens.
Responsible entity
Ministerio de Asuntos Económicos y Transformación Digital

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