Modernization of digital infrastructures

The process of digital transformation of the public sector entails the evolution towards a liquid infrastructure model, which allows the consolidation of the multiple centers that support the Administration into a few, improving the performance of the equipment, facilitating its management and increasing its availability and security.

To this end, it is necessary to renew and improve the public infrastructures that offer cloud services to the General State Administration, making use of the latest technologies in the telecommunications sector.

Within the framework of this measure, the actions aimed at providing the General State Administration with secure and flexible technological infrastructures will be completed and extended, adapting them to the new demands of environmental sustainability that allow for a reduction in energy impact.

Specifically, two actions will be deployed that seek to establish resilient and flexible infrastructures that adapt to both current needs and available capabilities:

  • Cloud infrastructure services.
  • Implementation of the Intelligent Workplace.
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Improve the productivity of public employees by implementing a smart workplace.
Improve the productivity of public employees by implementing a smart workplace.
Implement digitization measures in government buildings to meet energy efficiency targets.


Actions aimed at transforming the General State Administration's Data Processing Centers will be implemented, promoting their consolidation on internal centers (private cloud) and on centers of external providers (public cloud). Furthermore, to strengthen and guarantee both solutions, the hybrid cloud of the State Administration Cloud-Sara will be strengthened, and a coherent policy will be drawn up for the efficient use of cloud computing (cloud policy), which guarantees the security, integrity and control of the data and information contained therein.


Work already underway on the procurement of workstations and provision of licences will evolve towards the centralized provision of a Smart Workstation for public employees to enable the use of collaborative tools and mobility enablers.


Responsible entity
Ministerio de Asuntos Económicos y Transformación Digital

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