Digitalization of the agri-food sector

The digital transformation of strategic sectors has the potential to contribute to the green transition and to generate a pull effect on employment, growth, productivity, and innovation in the business fabric and in society, favoring collaboration between institutions of different nature and scope of action.

The Spanish agri-food and fisheries sector, a strategic sector for the country, is facing major challenges that are eroding its competitiveness: lack of investment in R&D&I, delays in the incorporation of digital technologies, and greater exposure to the risks arising from climate change.

To respond to these challenges, a series of initiatives will be launched that will contribute to improving the resilience and competitiveness of both sectors, introducing digital technologies in production processes, and giving an additional boost to innovation and research. These initiatives are divided into two lines:

  • A digital agri-food sector.
  • Digitalization of the fisheries sector.


Improve competitiveness in the sector through the incorporation of digital technologies.
Modernize irrigation to promote water savings and improve energy efficiency and sustainability.
Support investments in farms and agri-food industries aimed at introducing digital technologies in processes.
Boosting sustainability, research, innovation, and digitalization of the fisheries sector.


To increase the productivity and competitiveness of the fisheries and aquaculture sector, actions will be carried out to modernize the sector through digitalization and innovation, including the implementation of modern monitoring systems to ensure environmental sustainability.


The acceleration of the digital transformation process will be done through actions to improve digital skills, support for entrepreneurship and the generation of digital information for entities in the agri-food sector.


Para promover la transformación y la competitividad en el sector agropecuarios y de la industria alimentaria se llevaran a cabo el desarrollo de soluciones inteligentes y eficientes, proporcionando a las empresas emergentes los recursos y el apoyo necesario para desarrollar y escalar sus soluciones tecnológicas.

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Ministerio de Agricultura, Pesca y Alimentación

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