Digital skills for employment

The new demands of the digital economy accentuate the need to develop advanced digital skills in both unemployed people -to improve their employability- and employed people -so that they can continuously adapt to new demands throughout their working lives.

To respond to this need, it is essential to increase the supply of digital profiles within the working population. The starting point is the identification of specific digital skills with a deficit or surplus in the labor market. From that point, a diagnosis must be made, which will be different for each sector. Although the key digital skills will be different depending on the sector of the economy, if modular training is promoted, it will always be possible to identify certain "knowledge blocks" that are common to all sectors.

The actions to be carried out this way are structured along three lines:

  • Digital skills training throughout working life.
  • Training in digital skills for people in the service of public administrations.
  • Development of digital skills for SMEs.
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Guarantee the acquisition of advanced digital skills to unemployed and employed people, with special emphasis on young unemployed people.
Train public employees to adapt to the new way of working derived from digitalization.
Develop digital skills in SMEs so that they can face their digital transformation processes with guarantees of success, adapting to the new digital economy.


Digitalízate Plus es una plataforma de formación orientada al desarrollo profesional y personal de trabajadores y pymes. El objetivo es dotar a los interesados de competencias digitales avanzadas, facilitando el acceso a cursos personalizados, de calidad y adecuados a cada perfil, colectivo y sector.

Digitalízate Plus

Generación Digital Pymes es un programa de formación y mentorización en transformación digital para personas de equipos directivos y trabajadores de pequeñas y medianas empresas en España. Su objetivo es impulsar la transformación digital de las pymes, mejorando su productividad y sus posibilidades de crecimiento e internacionalización.

Responsible entity
Ministerio para la Transformación Digital y de la Función Pública

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