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The Spanish healthcare system is an international benchmark for equity. While the COVID-19 healthcare crisis has highlighted its strength, it has also exposed the structural problems and emerging challenges for which it must be prepared.

The qualitative transformation of the healthcare sector to address these challenges and problems must be closely linked to digitalization and innovation.

Therefore, within the framework of the PERTE Salud de Vanguardia, approved by the Council of Ministers on November 30, 2021, as well as component 11 of the Recovery Plan, various actions will be implemented aimed at promoting an advanced digital healthcare ecosystem.

These actions are:

  • Healthcare data lake.
  • Personalized precision healthcare.
  • Digital transformation of the National Health System (NHS).
  • Increase in healthcare crisis response capabilities: digitalization.


Position Spain as a leading country in the innovation and development of advanced therapies.
Promote personalized precision medicine.
Develop a digital National Health System, with an integrated database to improve prevention, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and research.
Strengthen primary health care through digital transformation.


In collaboration with the Autonomous Communities, a data repository will be created to collect the information from the different existing information systems and allow for massive data processing and analysis. Thanks to this, a real-time response capability will be achieved for the identification and improvement of diagnosis and treatment, identification of risk factors, trend analysis, identification of patterns, prediction of health risk situations and programming of resources for their attention.


To promote the implementation of personalized precision medicine in an equitable manner, favoring the development and creation of competitive companies, several initiatives will be implemented, including the deployment of a flagship personalized precision health project to improve the health of the Spanish population, using scientific knowledge and innovation as a vector.


The National Health System (NHS) will be equipped with the necessary information systems for the efficient management of the services offered to the public, and of its health protection and healthcare capabilities.


The strengthening of capabilities for surveillance, early detection and rapid response to health crises will be carried out by developing digital tools and reinforcing the public health surveillance system.

Aumento de capacidades de respuesta ante crisis sanitarias_ digitalización
Responsible entity
Ministerio de Sanidad

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