Citizen-oriented administration

The process of digital transformation of public administration must start with the development of tools to transform the digital relationship with citizens and businesses, improving the usability, usefulness, quality, and accessibility of public services.

To this end, a personalized, proactive and omnichannel citizen service model must be developed, allowing for an increase in the variety of service channels and value-added services in each one. Moreover, this citizen service model must be based on permanent active listening, which allows us to know their needs and demands. At the same time, this model must also resolve one of the critical points in citizens' access to digital services: secure, simple authentication, available on mobile phones.

To achieve this development, the following actions will be carried out:

  • The creation of an App Factory for the development of mobile applications and services to bring mobile administration to citizens.
  • Improving the user experience for citizens by establishing a new model of citizen service through a single point of access to receive information and carry out administrative procedures.
  • Creation of GobTechLab, a technological innovation laboratory in the General State Administration.
  • New digital identity model, evolving systems and services aimed at the full achievement of citizens' digital identity, in line with the goals of the European Digital Compass.
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Facilitate access to digital public services through the development of a citizen service model.
Move towards a personalized, proactive and omnichannel citizen service model.
Facilitate access to digital services through secure authentication.
Improve the services most in demand by citizens and businesses and least usable.


A factory will be created to develop mobile applications and services for citizens, with the aim of facilitating a closer and more fluid relationship, with new, more proactive channels of interaction.

In addition, as part of this action, the renewal of the Citizen’s Folder will be carried out.


This action consists of the implementation of services that improve the relationship between citizens and the administration with a more personalized and citizen-oriented service model.


The GobTechLab project will respond to the challenges of modernising the General State Administration by seeking to improve the experience in the use of digital public services, developing an open space for collaboration and personalised and innovative public services.


The new digital identity model develops systems and services to digitally accredit citizens and businesses, evolving existing identification mechanisms.


“La Administración cerca de ti” acerca la administración los habitantes de las ciudades más pequeñas, proporcionándoles habilidades y recursos necesarios para aprovechar la administración electrónica. De esta manera, se busca facilitar a los habitantes la realización de trámites desde su municipio, ayudándoles a utilizar los certificados digitales y la identificación electrónica. El programa pretende beneficiar a más de 7,5 millones de personas, de las que más de 2 millones, casi el 30%, son mayores de 60 años.

La administración cerca de ti
Responsible entity
Ministerio para la Transformación Digital y de la Función Pública

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