Boosting digital specialists

The new demands of the productive sector and the needs for innovation in digital services must also be met by promoting technological specialists. To this end, existing degrees must be adapted, new degrees must be created, and digital talent must be retained and attracted in the specific areas most in demand by industry (cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, data analysis, web design, etc.).

With regard to the adaptation of existing degrees, and the creation of new degrees, progress has been made in the establishment of Vocational Training specialization courses in big data and artificial intelligence, and the Organic Law Draft for the Organization and Integration of Vocational Training has been approved, which adapts the existing vocational training offer. In addition to these actions already initiated, within the framework of this measure, a specific training offer for digital specialists will be developed, endowed with 70 million euros.

For the retention and attraction of digital talent, an ambitious scholarship program will be set in motion - endowed with 120 million euros - through which it is expected to attract and retain at least 300 highly qualified digital specialists.



Adapt the existing vocational training offer to promote scientific-technological vocations.
Retain and attract talent in the digital field.
Support and promote the digital training of women.
Responsible entity
Ministerio para la Transformación Digital y de la Función Pública

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