AI regulatory and ethical framework

Spain has the dual objective of taking advantage of the many opportunities of artificial intelligence, while at the same time addressing its challenges. This implies establishing the right conditions for the promotion and deployment of artificial intelligence, as well as designing a regulatory governance framework that ensures an ethical and humanistic use of this technology.

To ensure the governance of artificial intelligence, initiatives must be taken to delimit and guide the design of artificial intelligence, so that the resulting applications respect the rights of citizens.

This measure articulates a series of actions that will reinforce Spain's objective of moving towards a reliable, explainable, transparent and inclusive artificial intelligence, whose implementation respects the fundamental rights of citizens:

  • Regulatory sandbox for the implementation of the future European AI Regulation
  • National Artificial Intelligence Supervisory Agency.
  • AI research and awareness-raising: Plan for the Protection of Vulnerable Groups in artificial intelligence and Plan for awareness and trust in artificial intelligence.
  • Observatory on the social and ethical impact of algorithms (OBISAL).
  • Trustworthy AI seal.

In addition to these actions, Spain will continue to actively participate in European talks to develop specific legislation on artificial intelligence in the European Union, defining a regulatory framework that guarantees the protection of fundamental rights while boosting innovation and taking advantage of the scale of the internal market. This regulatory framework will enable Member States to gain global competitiveness, as well as supporting European digital sovereignty.



Move towards reliable, explainable, transparent and inclusive artificial intelligence, the implementation of which respects the fundamental rights of citizens.
Ensure that fundamental rights are respected, with an emphasis on privacy and non-discrimination.
Gaining global competitiveness as well as supporting European digital sovereignty.


El Sandbox Regulatorio de IA, elaborado en colaboración con la Comisión Europea, es un espacio digital que busca conectar a las autoridades competentes con las compañías desarrolladoras de Inteligencia Artificial para definir de forma conjunta buenas prácticas a la hora de implementar la futura regulación europea de Inteligencia Artificial, y garantizar su aplicación.

Sandbox Regulatorio de IA
Responsible entity
Ministerio de Asuntos Económicos y Transformación Digital

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