5G Roadmap

5G is a disruptive technology, a cornerstone of digitalization, characterized by constant and dynamic technological change. This technology will have a positive impact on aspects such as improved competitiveness, productivity, efficiency, and higher quality in the provision of services. Therefore, Spain has defined a roadmap aimed at the implementation of 5G throughout the national territory, as well as the restructuring of certain frequency bands.

Now, the 26 GHz band will be allocated, to offer wireless broadband electronic communications services with 5G technology requiring high capacity. The 26 GHz frequency band will have a very relevant role in vertical applications related to the industrial, logistics, transportation, or supply sectors, given its capacity to offer coverage in areas with a large number of connected devices.

In addition, the streamlining of infrastructure deployment will be carried out, including measures such as a fast-track procedure for the necessary permits for the deployment of telecommunications networks, through the occupation of the public domain, such as roads, railroads, etc. and the implementation of the connectivity toolbox, in relation to the 5G Cybersecurity Law.

At the European level, the development of EU-wide guidelines on urban planning and telecommunications regulations will be promoted, together with the development of a Good Practice Guide on deployment for local administration, concentrating the focus of action on smaller municipalities.

Finally, changes are proposed in the taxation for telecommunications operators and the reduction of the fee for the reservation of the public radioelectric domain in the frequencies harmonized by the European Union, so that they can be used in 5G services.

Telecomunicaciones y torre celular, equipos de telecomunicaciones de redes de radio 4G y 5G


Encourage investment in networks and services, in addition to speeding up the deployment of 5G infrastructures.
Modify the bidding conditions for the 700 MHz band to boost investment.
Optimize assigned spectrum frequency bands.
Responsible entity
Ministerio para la Transformación Digital y de la Función Pública

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