Talent availability and development of human capital

This strand of the Plan for the Promotion of the Audiovisual Sector covers actions aimed at increasing the availability of the human capital needed in the audiovisual sector.

To this end, it relies on measures included and financed in the National Digital Skills Plan that develop talent and boost the supply of highly qualified personnel in the audiovisual sector, as well as closing the gender gap and attracting international talent.

These include RTVE's Haz Project, which will train 40,800 people in the audiovisual sector in programs covering a wide range of audiovisual-related trades and will cover the whole of Spain.

Within the framework of actions financed under the National Digital Skills Plan, the offer of specialized courses specific to the audiovisual sector is also increasing (e.g.: colour management and its different ranges in the post-production phase of an audiovisual production, application of image and sound software and hardware for HDR or ATMOS, render farms, etc.).



Increase the number of professionals in the Spanish audiovisual sector to meet the demand for profiles.
To provide institutional support for the implementation and dissemination of training programs implemented by companies in the audiovisual sector.

Responsible entity

Ministerio para la Transformación Digital y de la Función Pública