Sector Aeroespacial

The aerospace sector is defined as a strategic sector both because of its economic-industrial weight and its contribution to GDP and, especially, because of its great capacity to generate R&D actions that can be applied in numerous economic sectors beyond the aerospace sector.

Therefore, a global action on aerospace technologies aimed at the green transition and reinforcing Spanish capabilities is proposed.

With this line of investment, progress will be made in the generation of Spanish industrial capabilities linked to the future low- and zero-emission aircraft whose R&D activities are covered by the Aeronautical Technology Plan.

Likewise, additional areas of experimental development have been identified that will lead to the development of prototypes of capital goods and digital twins for the adaptation of Spanish manufacturing environments, among others, that promote efficiency, lower consumption of resources or less environmental impact. 

In any case, the aim is for these actions to have at least a neutral impact in environmental terms.

Sector Aeroespacial


Precipitating the green transition of the aerospace sector.
Strengthen capabilities and generate a pull effect on the value chain.

Responsible entity

Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación