Public-Private and interdisciplinary R&D&I projects

This is the main investment of the plan aimed at the core of SECTI: research activity. The investment includes a new generation of public calls for grants and subsidies aimed at reforming SECTI, strengthening knowledge transfer and public-private collaboration. This investment is intended to generate an intense supply of research projects for Spanish R&D&I groups and for them to collaborate with companies. The research and innovation community in Spain will be mobilized to:

  • Intensify its research and innovation activity.
  • Strengthen the transfer of research results to society, with emphasis on collaboration with companies.
  • Focus activities on strategic lines, such as the green and digital transition.
  • Increase the presence of Spanish research groups in international competitive calls.

R&D projects will be carried out to address global societal challenges, while consolidating and improving the research infrastructures of public bodies and public sector R&D&I centers that enable relevant research results to be obtained and promote excellence in research and innovation, both at the frontier of knowledge and in response to the specific demands of the productive fabric and to boost business R&D&I.

Proyectos I+D+I Publico_privados


Generate research projects for R&D&I groups and promote their collaboration with companies.

Responsible entity

Ministerio de Asuntos Económicos y Transformación Digital