Improving the citizen's user experience


The aim of this action is to establish a personalized, proactive and omnichannel citizen service model, through a single point of access both to obtain information and to carry out the procedures required in their overall relationship with the Administration.

One of the main lines of work will be the implementation of chatbots or intelligent virtual assistants for the highest impact use cases, such as: appointments, payment of fees, identification, and registration. To this end, work is also being carried out on the development of cross-cutting digital capabilities in the public sector, based on the application of the envisaged digital enabling technologies.

In addition, different initiatives will be developed, including the development of policies to coordinate, regularize, and simplify, around the General Access Point, the General State Administration's presence on the Internet and social networks, avoiding the dispersion and heterogeneity of information, as well as reducing barriers to the consultation of information and the use of services, always safeguarding the functional independence of certain public bodies as established in the applicable national and European legislation.

Finally, the new channels will need to be properly communicated and disseminated to encourage their use so that citizens can extract maximum value from them.



Establish a personalized, proactive, and omnichannel citizen service model.
Organize and simplify the Administration's presence on the internet and social networks.

Responsible entity

Ministerio para la Transformación Digital y de la Función Pública